Coral Sea 'Lagoon Explorer' Nomad Mothership

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The Nomad Coral Sea 'Lagon Explorer' trips offer some of the best GT popper fishing in the world, both in terms of quantity and size.

The most GTs caught in a week with 520 in 5 days, with the biggest at 62kgs. Bugatt/Elusive Reef split trip. The average size of GTs at most locations is 22 -25kg, but you can expect to see 35kg+ models most days and sometimes fish up to 60kgs. See some GT action and get a feel for the Nomad set up in the video below.

Other species you are most likely to encounter on these trips are Spanish Mackerel from 10-30kgs, Coral Trout from 2-10kgs, Red Bass from 2-8kgs, Red Emperor from 4-20kgs, Longtail Tuna from 5-10kgs, Sweetlip and other Emperors from 2-10kgs. 

The fishing options on these 'Lagoon Explorer' trips are extremely diverse.

Join us at spectacular locations chosen for their amazing variety of sportfishing,  and suitability for fishing from our centre consoles. You will be fishing from our  range of centre consoles with 3 anglers per boat. Each angler rotates between  the different sized boats from day to day depending on what they want to do. 

Elusive, Bugatti and Bligh Reefs are the locations we visit on these trips - all are  geographically very different, but all provide the same spectacular fishing in a very  remote location. Bugatti Reef and Elusive Reef are part of the same reef system  on the edge of the Coral Sea, with Bugatti at the northern end, and Elusive at  the southern end.

Elusive and Bugatti are accessed via floatplane from Hamilton  Island. Bligh Reef in far north Queensland is one of the most remote reefs we fish. 

Guests access Bligh Reef via Cairns.

Includes: A range of top quality Shimano rods  and reels throughout the trip,  all meals,  accommodation, Keg beer on tap and  non-alcoholic drinks.

Optional Extras: Heavy casting outfit. If you choose not to take up your own fishing gear, you can hire an outfit consisting of Stella 18000's and Yamaga popping sticks, with 100lb braid ($155 per week or $40 per day).

*Fuel Surcharge:  Due to the uncertainty of world oil prices, Nomad are now having to charge a fuel levy on charters if the price of fuel  changes too dramatically. In order to accomodate this, if the price of diesel or unleaded fuel goes over $1.50/litre local pump price in Australia,  we will be charging $75/person/trip for every 10 cents over $1.50/litre for diesel fuel and $25/person/trip for every 10 cents  over $1.50 for unleaded fuel. You will be notified before the trip if this levy applies and the additional amount will be  placed onto your bar or tackle tab at the end of the week

Following are some diary entries from recent Nomad 'Lagoon Explorer' trip to Bligh Reef:

Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 19 Oct 2011: 

Highlights: Released 62 GTs between 9:30am - 2pm!! 

Damon:- UNBELIEVABLE - is the only way to describe our day.....Our day started well in the shallows with a triple hookup on red bass, followed by a huge bustoff on a 30kg GT on the light gear. After a few more trout and bass, we decided to fish our way west and start fishing some isolated reefs back towards our evening anchorage. This turned out to be a great plan, with one of the craziest GT sessions I've ever seen. We arrived at the reef to catch a 20kg Spaniard on a popper on the first cast, and then all hell broke loose. I can't recount everything, but it was literally a fish chasing every cast for the next 4 hours. Between 9:30am and 2pm we released 62 GTs ranging in size from about 8kg-22kg, as well as Spanish mackerel, barracuda, red bass and sharks. To say the fish were jumping in the boat is not an overstatement because GTs tried to jump in the boat chasing poppers on 2 occasions!! It was literally one of the most ridiculous sessions I have even witnessed, and we may never see anything like that again, but who knows!!! What a week it has been, and to finish the trip with such a crazy day fishing with guys who truly appreciated it was something we'll never forget. 

Bligh Reef Lagoon Explorer 18 Sept 2011: 

Highlights: Doggies! 

Glanville: What an unreal day on the water....we left Portland Roads early this morning and pounded our way out to the reef. The guests opted for the cruisey drive out in Odyssey, and once they arrived we set out fishing. We set out some troll gear hoping for maybe a couple of mackerel to start and a lucky doggie ... We were not at all prepared for what was about to unfold, Dogtooth mayhem!
We managed to boat 5 fish the smallest of them being 20kg and the biggest would have been 55kg, it was double hook up on every pass of this point. At one point we had an absolute behemoth come and eat the stick bait while it was being wound in.... it looked like a dolphin breaching and would have been not short of 90kg. After getting bashed around in the rough water the guys were keen to get into the calmer water, so we headed for some light tackle flats fishing and the game was on, every cast produced a bite from some sort of critter, everything you can think of and some others, trout, redbass, emperors, cod, all sorts were getting in on the action, we also were lucky enough to boat a 12kg trout, awesome effort on the reef. Can't wait for tomorrow - doggies beware!!!!!