Coral Sea 'Ultimate Adventure' Nomad Mothership

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As named, this is THE ULTIMATE Coral Sea Adventure. Go WIDE for the biggest fish the Coral Sea can offer including Wahoo, Yellowfin, Sailfish, HUGE Marlin and more. See a 1000lb Marlin caught on 50lb gear on a recent Nomad trip below!

The Coral Sea Ultimate Adventure packages feature 5 full days and 2 half days fishing, and 6 nights aboard the mothership. We offer bookings for individual anglers right through to groups of up to 12 anglers.

The Coral Sea is home to a huge variety of species, and we pride ourselves on  specialising in catching all of them. Ultimate Adventures trips generally target the larger sportfish that inhabit these waters and you can expect to see huge  dogtooth tuna, giant trevally, red bass, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, all the  pacific marlin species, coral trout, jobfish and many many more.

All light tackle  lagoon-based options are also available from the 18ft and 25ft centre consoles. 

This is the premium NOMAD charter option, offering the ultimate diversity of fishing styles  and species from our 36ft gameboat, 2 x 25ft centre consoles and 1 x 18ft centre  console.

The 'Ultimate Adventure' trips offer access to the more remote outer reefs  of the Coral Sea. This option is best if you want to combine light tackle lurecasting,  GT popper fishing or general lagoon sportfishing with jigging for dogtooth tuna,  trolling for wahoo, yellowfin tuna, sailfish or some heavy tackle marlin fishing. 

Each angler rotates between the different sized boats from day to day, depending on what  they want to do.

Optional Extras: Heavy casting outfit. If you choose not to take up your own fishing gear, you can hire an outfit consisting of Stella 18000's and Yamaga popping sticks ($155 per week or $40 per day)