Costa Rica

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Located in the South-western corner of Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast, this lodge is possibly the best of its kind in Central America.

The variety of fishing terrain is what makes Crocodile Bay so special, the sheltered Panduce Bay where the fleet is moored acts a breeding ground for acres of baitfish from sardines to blue runners, and the day usually begins catching live bait or casting at small schooling Tuna and Rooster fish. The target species for a day inshore fishing are Roosters. These colossal fighting fish make their homes along the surf shoreline and close to reef drop-offs and trawling with live bait only 20 metres from shore is the preferred method - although schooling Roosters will take lure and fly. Other inshore species include large Jacks, Snapper, Barracuda and the odd Sailfish has been caught right off the beach.

The offshore fishing in Costa Rica is sensational, due to huge warm-currents swinging in close to the coast. Sailfish, Blue and Black Marlin, massive Yellow Fin tuna, Maui Maui, Wahoo and some of the biggest Dorado in Central America head up the target list in the blue water. With the majority of the year seeing little to no swell, a day fishing off the coast in one the decked out "Strike" game boats is a highlight. 


This Rooster was caught just 20m off the beach with live bait