Giant Bluefin Tuna

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  • Fish for: Giant Bluefin Tuna
  • Available seasons: August to October
  • Location: Prince Edward Island
  • Recommended stay: 6 nights
  • Accomodation: Self Contained Seaside Cottage
  • Other activities: Golf, Sightseeing
  • Pricing: from $3500 4 days fishing (4 person basis)

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World Class Tuna Fishing - 1000lb Bluefin Tuna

Looking for a thrill of a lifetime and an adrenaline rush that will be rivalled by nothing else? Then come to North Lake, Prince Edward Island and fish for the worlds BIGGEST Bluefin Tuna.

North Lake is by far the biggest game fishing hot spot in the world, only getting bigger every day, with 500 to 1200 lb monster bluefin within 5 miles of the shore, in big numbers.

The day starts about 7-8 am in North Lake Harbour, Prince Edward Island and before heading out on your custom designed Tuna boat for a giant Bluefin Tuna. You will stop to fill up the live well tanks with fresh bait, usually mackerel. then its off, navigating the waters of Eastern P.E.I as you set sail to track down areas where there is some live bait or mark one by using the fish finder (sounder).

Once we find the right spot to set up, we put the lines out, and it is usually not be long before the rod is bent and the reel is screaming and you are feeling the biggest rush of adrenaline that you have ever felt.

Once the tuna is brought alongside the boat you can take pictures to show to all your jealous friends, and believe me they will be impressed. Most of these tuna are ranging in size from 500 to 1200 pounds, with a few being larger than that. The tuna is then released back into the sea to swim another day.

Hooking and fighting a Bluefin Tuna is something that is hard to try only once, it is something that you won’t be able to get off your mind and will be anxious to try again. After fishing tuna for years we still get the same rush that makes your knees shake every time the reel starts screaming.

On board you will be fed well, on lobster rolls, fresh steamed mussels and clams, with snacks such as muffins, and plenty of drinks. 

Check out this video to get an idea of just how many Tuna there can be around your boat at one time at PEI! 


Accommodation is in self contained cottages on Prince Edward Island.

Also included in the total price is dinner each night at a variety of excellent surrounding restaurants, breakfasts, and a hire car for the length of the trip, for airport transfers, shuttles between your cottage and the local area, and to allow you to explore some of this amazingly beautiful part of the world.

Giant Bluefin Tuna

Giant Bluefin Tuna