Solomon Islands Bluewater Reef and River

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*Huge variety of fishing environments; On one day you can very easily fish the river, the lagoon, pop some reef and and hit some deep blue water offshore.
*The island itself has great fishing off the private wharf.  WW11 wrecks, excellent diving

The Resort is unique in the diversity of fishing. Choose guided vessel fishing, where your primary targets are GT's Spanish mackerel, Barracuda, Wahoo, Yellowfin, Skipjack, Dogtooth Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Blue or Black Marlin, or check out the land based options around the island.

Jungle river fishing catches include Spottail Bass, Mangrove Jack, Perch, Archerfish, Trevally, Sleepy Cod, and more.

The fishing is totally diverse. You can be jigging deep sea mounts, casting poppers or trolling around the outer reefs and flicking lures in the estuary and lagoon. Customers regularly catch marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, giant trevally, wahoo, spanish mackerel, coral trout, red sea bass and plenty more.
The resort has the boats, great fishing guides and all the equipment you need. The fishing fleet includes three boats, custom built for fishing comfort and safety. All are equipped with marine VHF radios and life jackets.

The guides know the local fishing spots like the back of their hands and like nothing more than to see the smile on guests' faces as they pull in a brilliant catch.

Nestled within a perfect blue lagoon and fringed by white sands and tall green palms, Lola Island truly reflects a quintessential island paradise.

The resort is the result of many years of hard work by owners Joe and Lisa who designed a place for those keen to enjoy a true island living experience.
The resort is known for their specialty of sportsfishing on the lagoon or beyond the reef, and Huge variety of fishing environments, WW11 wrecks, excellent diving, great fishing off the island private wharfthey can also arrange diving, surfing or tours to many outstanding cultural and historical sites all close by.
The resort offers a range of accommodation options to suit a variety of budgets and group sizes.
The beautifully appointed bar is known for serving the coldest beer in the Western Province and the restaurant prides itself on fresh seafood and unique use of local produce.

There are plenty of other activites around the island as well. From collecting T oysters off the sand for lunch, to bobbing for Mantis Shrimp off the beach, snorkelling amongst the huge amount of fish life, fishing off the wharf, or surfing off Skull island, there is always something to keep busy with.

For the less motivated, there is always a hammock laying around somewhere!


Fishing (6 hours / day), including boat guide and all fishing gear.
All meals
Beachside accomodation
Transfers from Munda airport
Masks, Snorkels

Not included
All drinks
Other activities not specified, including cultural tours, lagoon excursions, surf trips.

Hook Line and Sinker preview from their trip to the Solomons 


Some like it HOT

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Fishabout Customer Testimonial - James, Srian and Tom (Aug 2016)

Solomons. What! no travel issues! Domestic planes always leave early! Awesome. Beer at Lola by 5pm...
We had a great time... and got on really well with Joe, Lisa, Tuska, Kenny (the barman) and the rest. There were less reef fish than expected, popping was hard work for not that many fish. Tuna were everywhere and, as you said, if you can go to the fad, go! Many firsts - sailfish, marlin, yellowfin, red bass, blue fin trevally, mantis shrimp... We did have to convince Tuska not to troll all the time though :-). A very relaxing place to visit
• We left all their heavy gear at base and took lighter gear only each day (biggest gear was a stella 10000, penn 850 and fin nor marquesa 16 - all with 50b braid
• Srian is a chef, so he angled his way into the kitchen in a nice way. Lisa was even happy! We tried the local seaweed, clam soup and smoked tuna carcass! 
Day 2... slow start
• AM. Trolling for tuna, small skipjack then tom got a 6kg and Srian got a 5kg. Then popping on edges for zip
• PM. Out to the tuna boats popping on the way, trolling, tangle, heavy rain no fish 
Day 3... if you can go to the fads, go to the fads
• AM. Off to the fads (1 to 4) for 2 yellowfin, more skipjack, mahimahi... the place to go even if there is a bit of swell
• PM popping and troll in the reef. Beautiful and fish sighted but no fish caught
• Fresh sashimi!
Day 4... sailfish on a popper!
• AM. down the coast popping edges for 2 bluefin trevally 1 red bass and Tom got his GT. Then the sailfish epic... sighted some sail fish, Tuska says cast the poppers. 2 follow mine and I hook up for 10 seconds, another follows Tom's popper to the boat and then takes it. A long fight... hooked in the head. Much swapping of fisherman (including Tuska) over 2.5 hours. An epic.
Day 5... fail!
• Srian stayed in, Tom and I back to the sailfish spot for popping, a few follows and 1 brief hook up, troll offshore chasing bait schools. Small spaniard on way back (epic fail). 
• Arvo mantis shrimping. Kayak around the island for small red bass, rock cod and barracuda. Mantis were very tasty. 
Day 6... back to the fads
• AM. Phillipines fad for good size yellowfin 12, 15 and 18kg. Plus others
• PM. The creek, shallow, small cod and 2 jacks. Tuska not happy, going fast past the snags... wants to go tuna fishing!
Day 7...more tuna, back to the fads
• In the reef looking for bait schools and popping,1 blue fin trevally, popping drop off for nothing. saw yellowfin so popped then trolled for hook up on very big tuna! pulled hooks after 20 minutes
• Out to fad popping and stick bait, dolly on the stick bait then Srian gets a yellowfin on the popper. Casting to tuna. Trolling for a small yellowfin. Next fad trolling and Marlin on spin stick!!!! The stella was singing. Jump jump jump. Big runs, more jumps, deep then up near the boat and 80lb leader popped (well worn by the bill). Tuska estimate +120kg