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Dolphin Fish Species Spiel

Dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus)

Common names: Dolphin fish, dollie, mahi mahi (means very strong in Hawaiian), dorado (means gold in Spanish).
Identifying features: Dolphinfish are one of the most easily identifiable fish in the ocean due to their laterally compressed body structure, very long dorsal fin, large round forehead and green to purple fluorescent colour scheme with occasional blue iridescent spots. Male fish has a larger broader forehead and are also bigger in size.

Size and lifecycle: Dolphinfish are one of the fastest growing fish in the ocean with 12 month old Dolphinfish being recorded up to 120cm. This Translates to a growth rate of between 3-5mm per day which equates to up to 3.5cm per week!
Dolphinfish grow quite large in size with the pending world record claim being estimated at just under 200cm in length, weighing in at 43kg in weight.

Dolphin fish are prolific breeders with a mature female potentially laying well over 240,000 eggs in one spawn. The eggs are laid at sea with the full lifecycle of the fish taking place in open ocean. Dolphin fish are found offshore near any floating debris/ structure. This structure acts as both protection and also a magnet for smaller prey items.

Diet: Dolphinfish are opportunistic carnivores eating whatever food sources are present. Their diet includes sargussum weed, squid, prawns, crabs, sardines, flying fish and even other dolphin fish. To fuel their prolific growth rate it is believed that a Dolphinfish eats up to 20% of their body weight every day!! That is like a male adult who weighs in at 85kg eating 17kg of food a day!!!

Distribution: Dolphinfish are predominantly a surface pelagic fish which remain above the thermocline in water temperatures between 21˚c and 28˚c. They are very widespread. In Australia they are particularly common in offshore waters all the way from the mid NSW coastline all the way around to just North of Perth in Western Australia.

Eating Qualities: Dolphinfish are of exceptional eating quality as long as they are looked after and iced shortly after capture. Dolphinfish present a very soft, white flesh which responds well to both cooking and grilling. Recently a friend of mine suggested marinating the fillets in tequila, lime and chilli before grilling for a slightly exotic and different tasting dish.

Fishing techniques: As Dolphinfish congregate near any floating debris such as tree branch's, fads or rubbish this is a good place to start. Once located Dolphinshish will respond to trolling live/ dead garfish, squid, yackas and slimeys as well as small metals and soft plastics. Dolphin fish also love trolled hardbodied lures and will also often respond well to a cube/ berley trail.

Stuart Reid's 50lb Pending World Record PNG Black Bass

Pending World Record Black Bass

Papuan Black Bass are renowned the world over as the toughest pound for pound freshwater fish in the world, and the place to find the biggest Black Bass is PNG's Gulf province. The current all tackle world record Black Bass of 46lbs, and the fish pictured (caught on 19/6/14, by Stuart Reid, Fishabout) which is the pending world record at 50lbs, were both caught from these rivers.

Once you feel the strike you know that no freshwater fish can come close to the power. Watching 100kg guys get knocked over on the strike, reels give way, rods break in half and 130LB pound braid snap from the pound for pound strongest fighting fresh water fish is a sight to behold. If would like to experience the thrill of targeting PNG Black Bass and Barramundi in remote areas with very low fishing pressure contact us now

Kadavu Island - Great Astrolabe Reef

Fiji Macky

The pristine Fiji Islands are home to the South Pacific's finest sport and game fish, including massive GT's, monster dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna, dolphin fish, wahoo, spanish mackerel, black marlin, blue marlin and plenty of reef fish. Many of these species are endemic to the Great Astrolabe Reef (one of the largest barrier reefs in the world), which is the reef that encompasses Kadavu Island, Fiji.Fishabout now offer 6 and 8 day fishing packages to explore this marine wonder of the world, which include 3 and 5 days fishing respectively. For more information click here

Endyalgout Remote Fishing Camp

Sunset at Endyalgout

Fishabout is pleased to now offer remote fishing trips to Endyalgout Island, one of the best fishing locations in Australia. (Nestled on the south east of the Coburg Penninsula).

Situated on a shell grit beach under shady trees, are several permanent tropical friendly safari style tents, raised on wooden platforms.

Looking out past the resident Crocodile you can see miles and miles of enticing mangroves, barely touched creeks, rivers, rock bars and channels, all calling your name.

From monster Baramundi up to 130cm, to big Black Jewfish, Threadfin Salmon, various Trevallies, and some of the biggest Golden Snaper to be found anywhere, Endyalgout Island is truly a dream to fish.

Pricing ranges from $4350 (4 days, 3 anglers per boat) to $6910 (7 days, 2 anglers per boat)

For more information please click here