CEO - Graeme Russell

Fishing and Travel Experience

Like many of us, Graeme was introduced to the sport by his father at a young age with those early years focussing on Sydney’s waterways and the North Coast of NSW.

He started organising fishing tours in 1996, and joined Fishabout and stepped these up to another level.

Destinations visited by groups in which he has recently been involved include:

Endyalgout Island                                      Clearwater Island Lodge

Melville Island Lodge                                North Kimberley Coast

Weipa                                                          Daly River

Mary River and Bamaru Plains                South Alligator River

Great Barrier Reef                                     Coral Sea

Port Stephens                                             New Zealand

PNG                                                              Maldives

Whilst he enjoys participating in 3 or 4 of these tours a year, the number of approaches he consistently receive from private and corporate contacts has been overwhelming.

Other activities in the industry include helping Craig McGill establish his guided fishing business in the mid nineties and in recent times as an occasional fishing journalist.

He's extremely excited about following his passion as an actual career and helping many more people enjoy the world of adventure fishing.