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"The guys at Fishabout have been awesome since we crossed paths in early 2012. After doing a couple of episodes with them barra fishing at Labelle Downs they've managed to organise some great destinations for the 2013 series. They're good blokes who can provide you with a heap of advice if you're keen to do some fishing travel. This year they've got us venturing throughout the Pacific, with still plenty of local hotspots to look forward to. Whether fishing overseas, chasing Barra and more in Australia or simply covering what's on offer in and around Sydney, you cant go past Fishabout."

Andrew Hart
Hook Line and Sinker


"Labelle is the Bomb", that's what I tweeted the second I got back. Within minutes of hitting Fish Camp Billabong at Labelle how hard the previous couple of days had been was forgotten. Solid Barra consistently belted lures including a personal best of 75cms on day 1 followed by a new PB of 79 on day 2.
I added a couple of days on the Daly and at Labelle to some work I had in Darwin last May, and can only say the time on the billabongs at Labelle were sensational.
The Daly only produced 4 Barra in 2 days on live Cherabin which was pretty hard work despite the guide trying every trick in the book.

Thanks JB and Dee, very memorable. "Labelle's the Bomb".
Ben O'Donoghue
Celebrity Chef


"My single favorite fishing destination. More unbelievable Barra hideouts than imaginable. Drains, snags, rock bars, flats, colour changes - all great at different tides. Heaps of other stuff as well - big queenies, black jew, golden snapper etc. Excellent guides.
Camp is fantastic and a great place for like minded mates to get together.
I've been twice and will be back soon."

Ben Kennedy
Rugby League Legend



I've done about 6 Barra trips over the last 10 years and half of them have been at Endyalgout Island. That's not a lot but when I speak to mates who do other barra trips all the time and still haven't got a metre plus fish, it puts how good "The Gout" is into perspective. I beat the bench mark twice in my first trip and then set the "Endyalgout Camp Record" with a 132cm monster on the cast, the last time I was there. Plenty of variety as well and a really great well run camp. I'll be back.

Bruce Nucifora


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