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Fishabout is dedicated to delivering you the ultimate adventure fishing holiday. We are the premier fisherman's Australian and International fishing travel agent and guide service for anglers worldwide. We will organise your ultimate fishing adventure holiday. Our fishing destinations include a range of Australian lodges, bluewater deep sea mother ships, and remote camps, from Barramundi in the Northern Territory to trout in Tasmania. Our overseas angling options range from Black Bass rivers and coral bluewater in Papua New Guinea, Giant Trevally and Dogtooth Tuna in the South Pacific, Taimen in Mongolia, Tigerfish on the Zambezi, New Zealand Kingfish and Snapper, and an ever growing list of fishing options around the world.


Fiji - Kadavu Island

Monster GT


Stuart Reid's 50lb Pending World Record PNG Black Bass

Pending World Record Black Bass

Papuan Black Bass are renowned the world over as the toughest pound for pound freshwater fish in the world, and the place to find the biggest Black Bass is PNG's Gulf province. The current all tackle world record Black Bass of 46lbs, and the fish pictured (caught on 19/6/14, by Stuart Reid, Fishabout) which is the pending world record at 50lbs, were both caught from these rivers.

Once you feel the strike you know that no freshwater fish can come close to the power. Watching 100kg guys get knocked over on the strike, reels give way, rods break in half and 130LB pound braid snap from the pound for pound strongest fighting fresh water fish is a sight to behold. If would like to experience the thrill of targeting PNG Black Bass and Barramundi in remote areas with very low fishing pressure contact us now

Remote Tiwi Island Barra

Threadfin Salmon

Johnson River Camp is a beautifully isolated fishing camp is situated in a stunning bush setting in the pristine upper reaches of the Johnson River on the otherwise isolated northeast coast of Melville Island. Access is via a one hour scenic 4WD ride from the closest island airstrip (Jesse River) or by helicopter directly to and from the Camp. The fishing at Johnsion River is an outstanding mix of flats, snags, rock bars, river mouths and meandering mangrove creeks. This variety means there is excellent fishing to be found during all tides, and its not uncommon to pick up numbers of big Barra sight casting in the morning, followed up by cricket scores of Jacks, Barra, Groper and more in the afternoon. Dominant fish species include barramundi, mangrove jacks, threadfin and blue salmon, fingermark, tarpon, queenfish and estuary cod. Plus, offshore there are spanish mackerel, black jewfish, golden snapper, queenfish, giant trevally, coral trout, long tail tuna and many other species.

Kadavu Island - Great Astrolabe Reef

Fiji Macky

The pristine Fiji Islands are home to the South Pacific's finest sport and game fish, including massive GT's, monster dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna, dolphin fish, wahoo, spanish mackerel, black marlin, blue marlin and plenty of reef fish. Many of these species are endemic to the Great Astrolabe Reef (one of the largest barrier reefs in the world), which is the reef that encompasses Kadavu Island, Fiji.Fishabout now offer 6 and 8 day fishing packages to explore this marine wonder of the world, which include 3 and 5 days fishing respectively. For more information click here

Mongolian Superfish

Taimen Mongolia

Imagine a Salmon that weighs over 60kgs, lives in rivers and feeds as an active predator, and you can imagine the Taimen. With their huge and heavy jaw, strong canine-like teeth, and a bright red tail, the taimen is a legendary fighting fish among Mongolians. They say that on the first run they may take nearly 100 metres of line from your spool, with a high-speed run that is virtually impossible to stop!

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Is this the world's most exciting fighting fish?

barra dance

All anglers around the world agree that the Barramundi's aggressive take and acrobatic/aerial fight makes it one of the most exciting sports fish around.

While it's hard to say that Barra are the best fighters, they are certainly right up there amongst it! 

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