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British Columbia is the home of world record chinook salmon, grizzly bears, orcas, humpback whales, sea lions, bald eagles and stunning scenery. What you’ll witness depends on the time of year you visit. The strong currents that run between the islands creates a fish rich environment which in turn are the primary food source for so much of the wildlife. You can cast flies at rainbow and cutthroat trout or troll for huge chinook salmon. There is a heap of guided tours that will not only get you amongst the fish but lead you to fantastic wildlife spotting, stunning bush walks and an array of other activities. The resort is exceptional with generous rooms, excellent views, substantial lounge and dining areas, a large fleet of boats, quality food and impressive wine list. Every guest we’ve sent to Sonora Island raves about the overall experience.

Sonora Island

Salmon, Chinook Salmon

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