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Our Queensland options range from sight casting tidal flats for barramundi to chasing giant black marlin in the deep blue.

The sportfishing on both the east and west coast of Cape York is spectacular. The rivers, creeks and coastal flats deliver excellent barramundi fishing with likely bi-catch including threadfin salmon, mangrove jack, queenfish, blue salmon, golden trevally and a whole lot more.

The jewel in Australia’s crown is the Great Barrier Reef and the incredible sea life it supports. The GBR is a magnet to anglers from around the world looking to tangle with oversized models of their target species. Popping for enormous Giant Trevally; jigging for dogtooth tuna; bait fishing for red emperor and coral trout; chasing speedsters like wahoo and sailfish; and most famously, the marlin fishery where 1,000lbs specimens are tagged every season and juveniles are present year round.

Roko Island

Where the pristine wilderness of Cape York Peninsula and picturesque Torres Straight offer a blend of adventure and comfort


Mission Beach

An exciting fishing destination with a huge range of pelagic and reef species to target and multiple methods to target them.


Hinchinbrook is legendary for its flats fishing and sight casting to barramundi, queenfish, trevally and various other species that use the high tide and early run out as a time to ambush bait fish.


Cassowary Coast

An exhilarating Mission Beach and Hinchinbrook Island fishing adventure with convenient transfers from Cairns.

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