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"The guys at Fishabout have been awesome since we crossed paths in early 2012. After doing a couple of episodes with them barra fishing at Labelle Downs they've managed to organise some great destinations for the 2013 series.  They're good blokes who can provide you with a heap of advice if you're keen to do some fishing travel. This year they've got us venturing throughout the Pacific, with still plenty of local hotspots to look forward to. Whether fishing overseas, chasing Barra and more in Australia or simply covering what's on offer in and around Sydney, you cant go past Fishabout."
Andrew Hart
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Solomon Islands Escape

Coral Reef Fishing

A huge variety of fishing environments; On one day you can very easily fish the river, the lagoon, pop some reef and and hit some deep blue water offshore. The Resort is unique in the diversity of fishing. As well as guided vessels where your primary targets are GT's Spanish mackerel, Barracuda, Wahoo, Yellowfin, Skipjack, Dogtooth Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Blue or Black Marlin, there are also land based options around the island. Jungle river fishing catches include Spottail Bass, Mangrove Jack, Perch, Archerfish, Trevally, Sleepy Cod, and more..... see more

Cape York - Princess Charlotte Bay


Princess Charlotte Bay, Far North Queensland, is the jewel in Australia's fishing crown. Some of the best and most untouched coral reef, bluewater, and pristine river systems in the country can all be found here. 

The best way to access Princess Charlotte Bay is by mothership, and there is only one operation licensed to fish it, the luxury 56ft Riviera ‘Reel Chase'.

You will be transported to your mothership by R44 or R66 helicopter, flying low so you can take in the stunning scenery of Lakefield National Park, deserted beaches, rugged cliffs and stunning reef you will come across on your 90 minute ride from Port Douglas.

The fishing is absolute world class from chasing down the iconic saltwater barramundi in the Normanby or Kennedy Rivers to the plethora of reef and pelagic fish within close proximity in the surrounding bay and islands including coral trout, sea perch, giant trevally, spanish mackerel a variety of tuna species just to name a few. There are that many options available at your finger tips that the reels will keep on turning.

The wildlife of the reefs, islands, headlands and estuary systems provide a visual smorgasbord second to none. PCB is one of the last truly untouched areas left in Queensland.  This unique location provides a vast array of landscapes with the variety of wildlife an experience in itself. Sightings of local wildlife are common often spotting dolphins, whales, turtles, dugong as well as some larger than life sharks and salt water crocodiles.

Endyalgout Island, Arnhem Land (Mini Mini)

Horse Barra

Fishabout is pleased to now offer remote fishing trips to Endyalgout Island, one of the best fishing locations in Australia.  (Nestled on the south east of the Coburg Penninsula).

Situated on a shell grit beach under shady trees, are several permanent tropical friendly safari style tents, raised on wooden platforms.

Looking out past the resident Crocodile you can see miles and miles of enticing mangroves, barely touched creeks, rivers, rock bars and channels, all calling your name.

From monster Baramundi up to 130cm, to big Black Jewfish, Threadfin Salmon, various Trevallies, and some of the biggest Golden Snaper to be found anywhere, Endyalgout Island is truly a dream to fish.

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Stuart Reid's 50lb Pending World Record PNG Black Bass

Pending World Record Black Bass

Papuan Black Bass are renowned the world over as the toughest pound for pound freshwater fish in the world, and the place to find the biggest Black Bass is PNG's Gulf province. The current all tackle world record Black Bass of 46lbs, and the fish pictured (caught on 19/6/14, by Stuart Reid, Fishabout) which is the pending world record at 50lbs, were both caught from these rivers.

Once you feel the strike you know that no freshwater fish can come close to the power. Watching 100kg guys get knocked over on the strike, reels give way, rods break in half and 130LB pound braid snap from the pound for pound strongest fighting fresh water fish is a sight to behold. If would like to experience the thrill of targeting PNG Black Bass and Barramundi in remote areas with very low fishing pressure contact us now

PNG Remote Island Bass Tour

Huge Bass

The rivers of West New Britain are renowned for what many rate as the toughest fish with fins, the black and spot tail bass.

Uluai Island, a short boat ride off the north coast of West New Britain, is the destination for a new remote lodge, a sister operation to Baia Lodge, which provides the adventure angler with a comfortable base within easy reach of more rivers that hold these brutal piscatorial combatants. 

There are several rivers within 20-60 minutes of the island where both black and spot tails will be encountered. 
...  see more

NZ Snapper and Reds

Stefs Reddy

Fishabout packages together the best of New Zealand fishing and a customised selection of other activities to create the Ultimate NZ Snapper and Reds tour. NZ waters are renowned for the being the best place in the world to hook into a Huge Snapper and Yellowtail Kingfish . The Coromandel Penninsua is the epitome of this great fishing, and also offers some of the most scenic views, beautiful wineries, awesome seafood and stunning natural attractions in the world.

Whether you would like to spend your time kingfish jigging, popping or live baiting, snapper soft plasticing, gamefishing or more, this is the place to live your piscatorial dreams.... see more



The Fly and Aramia Rivers are situated near Daru, in PNG's Western province. This province is one of the least explored areas of New Guinea, and needless to say, the rivers around here have rarely seen a lure. Due to the lack of infrastructure in the area, the only way to get access to these rivers is by mothership. Trips fish either the Fly River or the Aramia River.
The trip will be spent fishing and exploring river systems mainly targeting Bass, big Barramundi and also Saratoga. The majority of these rivers have not been fished with lures. The fishing is outstanding. The mother ship is very comfortable, it's fully air conditioned, hot water showers and there will be a full time chef on the boat who will cater all meals on board.
The trip is also a great cultural experience as each group will have to stop by a village each morning. This is to pick up local villagers to act as a guide to their rivers. Occasionally it will also be needed to stop and talk to village elders to show respect to them and their rivers, as is done in much of PNG.....see more

Remote Tiwi Island Barra

Threadfin Salmon

Johnson River Camp is a beautifully isolated fishing camp is situated in a stunning bush setting in the pristine upper reaches of the Johnson River on the otherwise isolated northeast coast of Melville Island. Access is via a one hour scenic 4WD ride from the closest island airstrip (Jesse River) or by helicopter directly to and from the Camp. The fishing at Johnsion River is an outstanding mix of flats, snags, rock bars, river mouths and meandering mangrove creeks. This variety means there is excellent fishing to be found during all tides, and its not uncommon to pick up numbers of big Barra sight casting in the morning, followed up by cricket scores of Jacks, Barra, Groper and more in the afternoon. Dominant fish species include barramundi, mangrove jacks, threadfin and blue salmon, fingermark, tarpon, queenfish and estuary cod. Plus, offshore there are spanish mackerel, black jewfish, golden snapper, queenfish, giant trevally, coral trout, long tail tuna and many other species.

PNG Black Bass Pictures


Check out the latest Black and Spot Tail Bass pics from another great adventure to Papua New Guinea
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Mongolian Superfish

Taimen Mongolia

Imagine a Salmon that weighs over 60kgs, lives in rivers and feeds as an active predator, and you can imagine the Taimen. With their huge and heavy jaw, strong canine-like teeth, and a bright red tail, the taimen is a legendary fighting fish among Mongolians. They say that on the first run they may take nearly 100 metres of line from your spool, with a high-speed run that is virtually impossible to stop!

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Is this the world's most exciting fighting fish?

barra dance

All anglers around the world agree that the Barramundi's aggressive take and acrobatic/aerial fight makes it one of the most exciting sports fish around.

While it's hard to say that Barra are the best fighters, they are certainly right up there amongst it! 

For a list of all the top destinations for catching Barra please click here >

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