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Fishabout is dedicated to delivering you the ultimate adventure fishing holiday. We are the premier fisherman’s Australian and International fishing travel agent and guide service for anglers worldwide. We will organise your ultimate fishing adventure holiday. Our fishing destinations include the best lodges, motherships and camps around Australia and the international locations we cover. Target species include barramundi across the Top End, giant trevally around the Great Barrier Reef, trout in New Zealand, black bass in PNG, dogtooth tuna across the South Pacific, tigerfish on the Zambezi River, chinook salmon in British Columbia and a whole lot more


Baia Lodge, PNG

Baia Sports Fishing Lodge on the island of West New Britain provides access to some of the best Black Bass and Spot Tail Bass fishing in the world, in the most comfortable lodge in PNG.

PNG Bluewater Mothership

Recent exploration has already uncovered new river systems teeming with black and spot-tail bass. But the adventure doesn't end there

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