Endyalgout Island Reopens

Reopening of Endyalgout Island Lodge: A Paradise for Anglers Returns


In the heart of Australia’s Northern Territory lies a hidden gem that has long been cherished by avid anglers and nature enthusiasts: Endyalgout Island Lodge. After a brief hiatus, this remote fishing destination is making a triumphant return, and it’s not just the reopening that’s causing a buzz—it’s the exciting changes that come with it.


Endyalgout Island Lodge has a storied history as a prime fishing destination. It has been a well-kept secret among fishing aficionados for decades. Known for its pristine waters, thriving marine life, and the thrill of catching trophy fish, it holds a special place in the hearts of those who have ventured here.

The rejuvenation of Endyalgout Island Lodge is the result of a visionary effort by Duane Trouchet, who has been granted a lease by the traditional owners to the camp and its surrounding waterways. Duane’s deep connection to the area, cultivated over a quarter-century of fishing here, positions him perfectly to steward this unique destination into a new era. His passion for the land, its waters, and the thrill of the catch is evident in his approach to this endeavour.

Endyalgout Island Lodge is nestled within the Mini Mini River system, one of the largest systems in the Northern Territory. In the 90s, it was aptly described as the “Land of the Giants” due to the colossal catches it offered. The adjoining Maxi Maxi system leaves nothing to be desired either. It’s here that some of the largest Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, Black Jewfish, and Golden Snapper have been caught, setting records that still stand. And these incredible catches aren’t confined to just the rivers and creeks; they’re the norm.

One of the most exciting aspects of Endyalgout Island Lodge’s reopening is its exclusivity. The entire system is now off-limits to all professional fishermen and other mothership operators. Duane Trouchet’s lease encompasses it all, guaranteeing visitors an untouched paradise where the fishing remains as prolific as it was in its heyday.

Duane isn't just preserving the legacy of Endyalgout Island Lodge; he's also enhancing it. Improvements include easier access to and from boats each day, streamlining the fishing experience. The aim is to make this angling paradise even more accessible and enjoyable for all who visit.

Endyalgout Island Lodge will operate during the prime neap fishing tides between May and November each year. That’s a mere 14 weeks annually, ensuring that the fragile ecosystem and fish populations have ample time to thrive and regenerate.


The reopening of Endyalgout Island Lodge is a testament to the enduring allure of the Northern Territory’s pristine wilderness and its world-class fishing opportunities. Under the dedicated stewardship of Duane Trouchet, this legendary destination promises to recapture its status as the “Land of the Giants” and rekindle the dreams of anglers seeking the ultimate catch. For those lucky enough to experience it, Endyalgout Island Lodge represents an opportunity to create fishing memories that will last a lifetime in one of Australia’s most untouched and exclusive wilderness settings.

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