Chiawa Lodge, Zambia

Fish for: Tigerfish

Avail Seasons: April – November

Location: Zambia

Recommended stay: 4-8 Days

Accomodation: Award winning safari lodge

Other activities: Game Safaris, Guided Canoe Tours, Water Safaris, Bird Watching, 

Pricing: Seasonal

Chiawa, possibly Zambia’s most exceptional game viewing lodge and proudly ranked among the top 10 in the entirety of Africa, is a true marvel that offers a rare fusion of incredible fly and lure fishing opportunities for the legendary Tigerfish, alongside astounding game viewing and opulent accommodations.


The Tigerfish, renowned for its hard-hitting strikes and its possession of formidable teeth capable of shredding fishing gear into oblivion, is a true aquatic powerhouse.


With its mesmerizing acrobatic leaps and the potential to reach sizes exceeding 20 pounds, these Tigers stand as quite possibly the most ferocious and exhilarating freshwater fish species on the entire planet.


For dedicated anglers, Tigerfish are an indomitable presence on their must-catch list. For those who embrace the art of fly fishing, these voracious predators represent the ultimate test of skill and poise.

In the realm of Chiawa Camp, every claim of excellence and distinction is resoundingly validated. The camp not only lives up to its illustrious reputation but consistently maintains exceptionally high standards in all facets of its operation.


It offers exceptional guiding services and wildlife encounters, cultivating a friendly and unassuming atmosphere that makes every guest feel at home. Personalized and efficient service is the norm, while the accommodations are nothing short of luxurious. Culinary experiences are superb, and a wealth of safari activities guarantees a diverse and enriching adventure.


The camp boasts excellent vehicles and boats, ensuring that your exploration of this pristine wilderness is as comfortable as it is thrilling. A robust network of reliable communications and logistics ensures a hassle-free journey. This extraordinary experience is all backed by the unwavering support of Jenny and Dave Cumings in Lusaka, who are the true architects of not only an unsurpassed safari but also one that is completely worry-free.


In the vicinity of Chiawa, prepare to encounter some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife, including majestic elephants, awe-inspiring lions, elusive leopards, and the enigmatic wild dogs. All of this unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of “the river,” an ecosystem teeming with life and captivating beauty.



This exceptional destination has earned recognition as the “Best Safari Property in Africa,” having clinched the prestigious title in 2011, while also being a finalist in 2008, 2009, and 2010. It stands proudly among “One of Africa’s Top Ten Safari Camps,” a prestigious accolade in Conde Nast’s Best of the Best Series. Chiawa is also home to the “Best Safari Guiding Team in Africa,” securing the winning position in 2008 and making subsequent appearances as a finalist in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

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