Northern Territory

Cobourg Peninsula

Fishing tours are based out of a unique safari-style coastal camp overlooking the bay of Port Essington, with numerous fishing options nearby

Dundee Beach

Dundee Beach, a haven for fishing enthusiasts, offers an unparalleled angling experience, enriched by the vibrant and diverse environment that envelops it.

NT Run Off Fishing

The Northern Territory comes alive between March and June as the vast floodplains awaken with the last of the wet season’s nourishing rains. During this time, the creeks and rivers become a bustling hub of activity as fish of all sizes, from juveniles to magnificent females weighing over 40 pounds

Melville Island Lodge

Some of the worlds best estuary and bluewater reef fishing right on your doorstep, with over 50 quality sports and tablefish within close proximity, many less than 10 minutes from the lodge.

Endyalgout Island

Endyalgout Island has built its reputation as a big fish mecca, a reputation it may deserves today more than ever.
Its not just big barra, the biggest threadfin, black jewfish and golden snapper we’ve ever seen come from here

Dhipirri Lodge

Dhipirri Lodge is without doubt one of the best remote fishing lodges in the country. Nestled in the heart of the Northern Territory’s pristine wilderness, Dhipirri Lodge offers an exclusive fishing escape like no other.